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My name is Daniel Tocik. I come from Slovakia. I have been interested in the fine arts for 10 years. Since my childhood I have been experimenting with colours to create something which would be difficult to find somewhere else. During my studies at the primary school I achieved plenty of awards in the fine art competitions. Among the highest successes from that time I was awarded the title the Talent of a New Europe in 2007. Because of the new innovative technologies in fine arts, I have started to do some experiments with PC. I have taken up digital photography recently. Besides my studies at the secondary school I have been paying attention to designing an educational tool for children called ZEBO which I am trying to promote in various grant projects using my latest interest - short film. In the future I would like to deal with especially the fine arts, to carry out the experiments in order to discover the new artistic style. The world is always eager for new things. There is nothing beautiful or ugly in the art but successful or unsuccessful.


The main goal of my enviroproduct has been to help people and maily children in some way. I am personally fond of the art and I see how difficult it sometimes could be to keep your tools (brushes, crayons, markers, paints...) in order. And so the main idea of this project has focused on this kind of products. ZEBO has appeared for the first time on my PC.


While I was working on my project, at that time the outdoor insulation of our house was almost done and too much waste left. As the real creative artist I am always in the place where something useless and interesting as well could be found. As soon as I got to those materials, mainly polyester, I started studying the material features (hardness, solidity, flexibility, plasticity....). So my winning material has become the hardened polyester.


After 3D modulation I could count the exact measurements of ZEBA and I knew how much of the hardened polyester I would need. First I made the templates of particular parts, which I drew on the wasted polyester. After that, the hardest part of the whole procedure came - precise cutting using the melting wire. And in the end, ZEBO got the final black-white image and the final translucent layer of varnish.

ENVIRO redesign

If people realised how many things a day they trew away which could be reused, they would get the interesting number. Some things are from the usage point of view seen as useless by ordinary people. Anyway, I reckon the common product, such as polyester is, could be useful again. What we need is to just open our eyes :)

ZEBO for everybody !

ZEBO is designed for everybody, especially for children. The little children can find a new friend in ZEBO coming from the wildlife which can help them keep an order with their crayons and make them happy. In my view, the order is really important in our lives and we should teach our children the same attitude.

ZEBO Day is an educational activity day organised for the kindergartens in our area. For the ZEBO Day we prepared for children different activities based on games. These activities included drawing, singing and playing with our product. 2 pieces of ZEBO were given to each of the kindergartens to be used by children as it was intentionally designed for them.